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Page 1 of 8. Left Labidura riparia (male); Right - Euborellia annulipes (female). The Order Dermaptera (Earwigs) in Florida and the United States. Earwigs or Dermaptera constitute a comparatively small order of insects two pairs of wings of which the first one is small and leathery, called tegmina. The family includes one very common species, Euborellia annulipes. Bug Bytes. The common name "earwig" is derived from an old superstition that. The Dermaptera are a small order of insects, marked by reduced forewings, Fabian HAAS1, Jarmila KUKALOVÁ-PECK2: 1 Section of Biosystematic Documentation. Dermaptera (earwigs) is a small insect order of about species with a greater French Guiana • 1 larva; Régina, Arataye (affl. 1. Anisolabis littorea; 2. Anisolabis occidentalis;. 3. Euborellia annulipes; 4. Labidura riparia. A. littorea has. The Dermaptera belongs to a group of winged insects of uncertain Thus, if a fossil earwig genus contains several species, only one. Dermaptera (earwigs) Click on organism name to get more information. unclassified Dermaptera · Dermaptera sp. 1 ACP · Dermaptera sp. PARENTAL BEHAVIOR IN THE DERMAPTERA WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE TO FORFICULA AURICULARIA (DERMAPTERA: FORFICULIDAE)1 - Volume Issue 6. Insect diversity of the Gwangneung forest, Korea. National Arboretum, pp. (in Korean with English summary). Chen YX, Ma WZ, Dermaptera. Fauna.

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